Winners and Results!

The 2016 Brew Bristol Home Brew Competition has been and gone!

A huge thank you to everyone who entered! It was great getting to try all your beers. Also, a thank you to everyone who re-tweeted and shared things. With out you no one would have known about the comp! Finally a thank you to everyone who donated prizes and hosted the award party. Moor, Arbor, Wiper and True, Crane, 5 Points, Marble, Fourpure, Bed Seed, Hawkshead, Tenby.

We had four winners this year!

For our beginner's category;

Dave Lewis

For the American Brown;

Simon Perrett & Jimi Bostock

For the Dubbel;

Nick Corbin

For the Imperial Russian Stout, and also with the highest score, the overall winner;

Lennox Monteith

Thank you and well done!
Chloe & Mick


Winners and Results!

Firstly we would like to thank every one who helped us out with this competition; everyone who put up a poster or handed out a flyer, everyone who recommended their friend entered, who pledged a prize, Moor who hosted our party, Small Bar who will host our Grand Prize. We couldn't have done this without ya.

We also wanna thank each and every one of you who entered a beer (or two) (or three!) We were pretty blown away by the quality of the brews, even in the beginners section! And thanks to everyone who came down to the award party. We really weren't sure how many of you to expect, so we were also pretty overwhelmed by how many of you came down to celebrate, chat, try the beers and generally were willing to have a good time. You made the night awesome!

Right enough of this emotional stuff. On to the Winners!

English IPA

1st: Paul Willis
2nd: Remy Martin

Speciality IPA

1st: Jack Delaney
2nd: Daniel Kaye

American IPA

1st: Jack Delaney
2nd: Steve Crawshaw

Beginners IPA

1st: Harry Gordon-Moys
2nd: Matt Evans

Each 1st place winner will get a little pack of beers, merch and some hops and malt as their prize. We're still putting these together, but will be available to pick up soon. If we can wrangle it, the 2nd place runner-ups will get a small something too.

Our Grand Prize will be going to Jack Delaney as the annoyingly-nice-and-not-smug-at-all guy won two categories! He'll be brewing his American IPA (the highest scoring beer in the comp) with us and the guys from Small Bar at (some yet to be set) date in the near future. This'll go in to bottles and a keg and be on sale from both ourselves and Small Bar.

If you didn't make it to the award party, we will be posting your feed-back back to you soon. Don't hold us responsible for the illegibility of the handwriting!

Due to how well this Competition went, we WILL be running a 2nd competition for next year's Bristol Beer Week. Now we know what to expect, we'll be starting out a whole lot earlier, to give more of you a chance to brew, and we'll be running it with at least 2 different beer styles, possibly 3. We will still have our beginners category, as we had more entries for this than any other category! So, keep an eye out for this next summer!

Once again, thanks to the whole lot of you. You all rock!

Chloe & Mick