Home Brew Club

Third Wednesday of the month.
Cost is variable

An unconventional brewing club.

Our Home Brew Club is a little different to the other clubs in our estimable city. We have a themed tasting every session. We have a set of three or four beers to try, we'll go over tasting notes for these beers and analyse them. Past that, every week is different! We have had off flavour tastings, talks from brewers on various themes, obviously we try each other's home brew when they get brought in. We now set a quarterly brewing challenge which we mutually judge using BJCP guidelines. The more straight forward nights usually settle on a specific style and we'll chat about brewing techniques for that style, the flavour profiles expected and good/great examples of it. Having said all that, after the first beer I usually end up getting heckled and the chat degenerates in to random musings and insanity.

We have a great group of regulars, but we're annoyingly friendly for the most part and make newbies very welcome!

Please check our Facebook Events page for details on the forthcoming sessions.

Limited space. Email/tweet/facebook etc to book brewbristol@gmail.com. We need to know numbers in order to chill enough beer and ensure that no one is disappointed if we're fully booked.

Beer Tasting Session

Fourth Thursday of the month
Cost is variable

A mildly educational, but mostly nonsense filled tasting session.

Each month we'll be drinking three or four different beer based on a theme. We'll chat about how to taste you're beer properly, giving full value to aroma and the look of the beer as well as the flavour. We'll help you identify the flavours in the specific beers we're drinking. We'll do a little run down about the breweries and go through the brewing process. Past that, it's fair game. We tend to find after the first beer everyone loosens up and the conversation steers it's self, usually to the realms of the bizarre .

Everyone is welcome, from newbies to old hands. The chat is steered by you guys! We're a friendly bunch and you can come along as a group or an individual and have a great time either way.

Session usually lasts around 2 hours, depending on the crowd and the beers.

Check our Facebook events page for details about the next Tasting Session.

Limited space. Email/tweet/facebook etc to book brewbristol@gmail.com. We need to know numbers in order to chill sufficient beer and ensure no one is dissapointed if we're fully booked.


Home Brew Competition

During Bristol Beer Week. September

A Bristol and byond brewing competition.

2016 will be the second year that we run a Home Brew Competition for Bristol Beer Week.

For full details check out the dedicated Competition Page.