Home Brew Competition 2017

The Home Brew Comp, 2017, is soon to be upon us! Lots of the details are still yet to be decided, but he have launched our competition categories! Read on...


If you're interested, you can see pevious year's Home Brew Competition results here.


Rules, Regulations, Stipulations, and Things.

Important Dates

This is a Bristol Beer Week event! So, it'll take place in and around then.

Sign-up Deadline: TBA
Submission Deadline: TBA
Judging: TBA
Award Ceremony & Party: TBA

How Do I Enter?

1. Design and brew an awesome beer. (Make sure it belongs to one of the allowed categories.)
2. Fill out a Brewer's Entry Form.
3. Fill out a Beer Submission Form(s).
4. Pay your fee(s).
5. Submit the beer(s) by the deadline.
6. Sit back and wait for a bit.
7. Come to the award ceremony during Bristol Beer Week. See if you've won!

Cool, eh?

What Does It Cost?

We're charging a £4.00 fee per beer entered.
This basically covers our costs for running the competition.

What Can I Enter?

There are 3 categories;
1. American Pale Ale
2. West Coast Red
3. Hefeweizen

Where Can I Find Information On The Entry Categories

We're going with the BJCP guidelines here. This link to 2015's BJCP guidelines will show you all the beer styles. Use the page numbers below to navigate to the correct parts of the document.

How Many Beers Can I Enter?

You can enter as many beers as you want in to each category, so long as they are quite obviously, and clearly, distinct. (This is what the Beer Submission Form is for.)

How Many Bottles Do I Need To Submit?

We require you to submit 2 bottles of each beer you are submitting. This is in case one bottle has a defect.

We suggest keeping some bottles back just in case of accident or emergency though.

How And Where Do I Submit?

The Submission deadline is at the top of this page.

> In order to submit your beer(s) to be judged you need to have brewed to one of the categories.
> You must have completed a Brewer's Entry Form.
> You must then complete a Beer Submission Form for each beer that you want to enter. This helps us ensure you've kept to style.
> You must label you beer(s).
> Lastly you must pay for each submission!

You must pay when you submit your beer(s).

All forms and payment need to be taken to and paid for in Brew Bristol. The beer also needs to be given to us in the shop by the deadline.

If you are unable to come in to the shop for any reason any please email us. We'll be able to arrange something. We can accept submissions by post or proxy, but we like to know what's going on if this is the case! There's a note for non-local submissions later on in this page.

Who's Judging?

We will have a small group of people judging, hopefully made up of BJCP judges and local brewers.

What Are The Prizes?


Can A Group Enter?

Sure! If you and Jeff* brewed a beer together then you can indeed enter it. Split the cost, split the prize etc.

*You are allowed friends other than Jeff.

Er, How Do You Want The Beers Labelled?

How ever the hell you like!

They must, however, have the following information on them, and be clear so we can read 'em;
> Your Name.
> Beer Name.
> Category.

The simplest method will be paper wrapped around the bottle with an elastic band to fix, or gold/silver sharpie.

Clearly, ALL your submitted bottles will need to be labelled, not just one. Blank bottles will be used as target practice at a later date.

Why The Fee?

Well, we just like money. Nah. We're basically hoping to recoup our costs through this. We ain't expecting to actually make any money running this awesome competition. IF we manage to cover our printing costs (posters etc), then any surplus will go towards the prizes. If, by some miracle, there is even more money lying around, it'll go towards our award ceremony, or possibly a gold plated statue to ourselves in the city centre.

Where Are The Forms?

Here! *Currently 2016's forms, we will be updating these soon.*

Brewer's Entry Form
Beer Submission Form

Print these off your self, fill 'em in, and bring them in to the shop.

Both forms are also available in the shop.

Where Do I Take My Forms, Fees And Beers, Again?

Well, since you asked so nicely.

TO THE SHOP! (by the aforementioned deadlines)

17a St. Nicholas Street

We're on a one-way street. There is the rare paid parking spot on the street, or you can use the multi-story on Queen Charlotte Street, just off Baldwin street. Leave the multi-story, turn right, cross Baldwin street, go up the steps and we're to the left opposite The Boardroom (previously The Elephant.) St. Nicholas Street is double yellow lines other wise and is pretty heavily used by lorries etc. Parking Inspectors do roam. That being said, I am in no way suggesting that you may be able to get away with pulling up for a few minutes to drop your beers off. Definitely not. No. That also being said; if you park or walk or get the bus or unicycle in, you'll have longer to peruse our beautiful selection of beers. Just sayin'

Where Is The Award Ceremony Happening?


I Can't Make The Award Ceremony!

Well, what did you think we wanted all your details for on that Brewer's Entry Form? We're unlikely to call for a chat to be honest. If you can't make it and you win, we'll announce it, insult you behind your back a bit, give your prize to someone else, retrieve your prize, leave you an email (we hate ringing people up on the phone to be honest, so make sure you check your emails,) and hold your prize at the shop until you can collect it!

We'll also announce the winners on this page.

I Don't Live In Bristol. Can I Enter?


This is a Bristol Beer Week event though, and we're a Bristol based shop, so our award ceremony and our prizes are all going to be in and have strong links with Bristol businesses and beers. So if you live in Glasgow and win the Grand Prize (which may or may not be a brew day), you're going to have to be prepared to come down to Bristol to claim your prize! (Sadly this will have to be at your own expense too.)

Given this, if you still wish to enter, clearly you'll have to post us your beers rather than drop them in to the shop. All forms will still need to be filled out. Your best bet for payment is to drop it in an envelope in the box you're sending the beers in.

If you have any other questions on this point please drop us a line

Where has your "Beginner's Category" Gone?

We've decided that this didn't really make sense when it came to judging, but fear not! The concept is not gone entirely!

We have a box on the Brewer's Entry Form, which, if you are a beginner brewer, you can tick. We're going to pick the best of the beers entered by brewer's who tick this box.

We're stating that to enter the Beginner's class you must have brewed 15 beers or less. We are flexible on this though! If you've brewed 30 and every single one has turned out wrong then just give us a nudge, ask if it's okay, and we'll help you decide if you belong in this class or not.

Please don't take the piss though, you'll be disqualified if we discover you've been brewing for 30 years.

If you tick the box, every beer you enter will qualify for the beginner's class prize.

Is There Any Boring Stuff I Should Know?


You will be disqualified and derided if you attempt to cheat. Obviously. Don't repackage some one else's beer. You will be found out. Our judges are awesome. Other cheating is bad too.

Sadly, although we do support the newbie brewer, we must explicitly state that what you brew is your own beer. No beer kits (whether they're all-grain or extract, modified or otherwise) will be allowed.

We strongly encourage you to develop your own recipe, however if you use another, we strongly encourage you to modify it. To be honest we're undecided what to do with you if you lift a clone recipe or one straight out of a book. We might send you a strongly worded letter.

You are allowed to use malt extract/spray malt, although all grain recipes are preferred.

Happy Brewing!