Monthly Beer Box

We now offer a collated box of six beers each month. With only six of these boxes available they'll be pretty limited. These beers may not be the rarest on the market, but they will be good. We'll be offering a great range of beer styles, shapes, sizes and prices.

We want to make these available on a subscription basis soon, but for now they are first come first served. The box will come with a great discount off the usual retail price too, somewhere in the region of 20%. Some beers will be exclusive, you wont see them on the shelves at all, the remainder will only be publicly available the next month, and at their full retail value too.

Currently the price will vary month to month depending in the contents, but as we get used to them, hopefully the price will become steady. These are also only available in store, we are unable to deliver. But, if you want one you can contact us and reserve a box!


brew bristol beer box

£40.00 That's a saving of £9.10 on the usual retail cost!
In this, our second beer box you will find;

Stone - Vertical Epic 08:08:08
650ml : 8.9% : Belgian Strong
Stone's 20th anniversary Encore series. The 08:08:08 is beer that is well balanced between the Belgian flavours and the hoppiness. Lots of spice and zest, good bitterness.

Green Flash - Flanders Drive
750ml : 6.9% : Flanders Red
One of Green Flash's Cellar 3 series. A red sour ale aged in Bourbon barrels. It's got Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus in it! Well balanced and super complex.

Hitachino Nest - White Ale
330ml : 5.5% : Witbier
These guys are from Japan yet have put together a beautiful Belgian style Wit. You'll find that coriander, nutmeg and orange peel goes in to the brew. This beer is aromatic and ever so good.

Magic Rock - Dark Arts
330ml : 6.0% : Stout
Since Magic Rock have started canning, we haven't been able to get enough. This is a creamy, smooth stout. Lots of chocolate, liquorice and coffee flavours. Easy drinking for it's alcohol content.

Outlaw - Roots, Rock, Reggae
330ml : 6.4% : Fruit IPA
This little number is a small batch by the experimental arm of Roosters. Probably won't see it again. This has had the zest and juice from both pineapples and grapefruit thrown in to the mix, so both sour and sweetness come through.

Evil Twin - Hop Flood
330ml : 7.0% : Amber Ale
This is a big beer. Fairly high ABV followed by massive malt flavours and slick, oily mouthfeel and a sh*t tonne of bitterness.


February beer box brew rbistol

£26.60 That's a saving of £6.65 on the usual retail cost!
In this, our very first beer box you will find;

Siren - Pompelmocello
330ml : 6%
This is a sour grapefruit IPA. Tonnes of grapefruit flavoured hops with lactose to round out the flavour. Hints of orange zest, pepper and tropical fruit.

To Øl - F*ck Art Let's Dance
330ml : 8.3%
This is a "funky red wine barrel aged tripel" according to the bottle. Yeasty, floral, lemony, funky, barnyardy, peachy and peppery.

Brooklyn - Black Chocolate Stout
330ml : 10%
This is one of our favourite stouts. Of all time. Thick, slick, heavy, and full of flavour. This wont mind if you age it. Loads of chocolate flavour, obviously, but also liquorice, coffee, cherry, and lots of roastiness. It's sublime.

Dupont - Saison Dupont
330ml : 6.5%
This is one of the epitomes of the Saison style. Sharp, tart, tangy, fresh, barnyardy, funky. A perfect traditional Saison.

Thornbridge - Jaipur X
500ml : 10%
This is the 10th anniversary version of Thornbridge's ever popular Jaipur. At a massive 10% it packs a punch. Lots of pine and citrus, some stone fruit and caramel.

The Kernel - IPA Mosaic Simcoe
330ml : 7.4%
This is a bright and zesty double IPA. Tonnes of citrus and grapefruit aroma, along with peach and grass. Quite dry. Good citrus flavour with stone fruit. Medium body. Good carbonation.