Spring Brew Challenge

It's Spring(ish) and time for our quarterly brewing challenge at Home Brew Club.

This season we're giving you near free reign. Brew a pale beer. The caveat is that it must be a sessionable beer. Sub 3.5% So, the more English definition of a session beer. That's it! Brew one (or more) 3.5% or less pale beer.

You got until June-ish kinda time. We'll announce the presentation date closer to the time.

Now. Some of you may be rolling your eyes going “ooooh that's booooring.” But we would like to remind you that this is a challenge! Brewing something that is actually tasty at that percentage isn't always easy! So we want good flavours but something that can be drunk all day long in the not-quite-summery sun shine.

This is just one example we have in stock at the moment;

kernel table beer brew bristol

Kernel - Table Beer


The Kernel are London based. I quite like writing about The Kernel, because they're not exactly up front about handing out information about themselves and their beer. IF you've ever seen one of their bottles you'll know what I'm talking about. I've lifted this from their website; "The brewery springs from the need to have more good beer. Beer deserving of a certain attention. Beer that forces you to confront and consider what you are drinking. Upfront hops, lingering bitternesses, warming alcohols, bodies of malt. Lengths and depths of flavour. We make Pale Ales, India Pale Ales and old school London Porters and Stouts towards these ends. Bottled alive, to give them time to grow." Bascially, I think they want you to think for your self when it comes to their beer.


Table beer or Sessionable IPA. Or just a pale/IPA (See above note about their lack of info giving.)

Basically pale in colour, and low in ABV.


Aroma: Pineapple, grapefruit, mandarin, earthy, herbal, pine, apricot, mango, citrus.

Taste: Basically the same as above.

Palate: Med carbonation, light body, medium bitterness.


ABV: 3.2%

ML: 500

£: 3.95

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